Maintenance Manager

Asset information, parts ordering and maintenance scheduling at your fingertips

Digital efficiency: optimised performance

Maintenance Manager is an intuitive, fully digital solution to support operators, project managers and technicians with their operation and maintenance activities.


On-site, technicians and operators can access all key information via an easily searchable digital document library, and fully rendered and navigable asset graphic – enhancing speed, efficiency and performance of maintenance activities.

Typical asset information includes:

Asset information, parts ordering and maintenance scheduling at your fingertips

Built-in maintenance scheduling

For maintenance managers, planners and remote stakeholders, workflows and maintenance tasks can be scheduled and push-deployed to the on-site technicians via syncing.

And with two-way feedback, including the ability for technicians to action workflows and upload relevant information directly into the tablet device, maintenance efficiency, traceability, visibility and security are all taken to the next level.

Direct feedback

Upon completion of the workflow, technicians can submit their report directly through the tablet interface, including photos.

Furthermore, the connected devices will share progress reports to help inform future planning, maintenance scheduling and parts ordering.  

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