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Proactively managing your risks from system failure and obsolescence

  • Full health and criticality assessments on your equipment
  • Assess the probability of obsolescence based on component lifecyclye stage and stock availability status
  • Delivering the right engineering solution for continued performance
  • Services include:
    • Obsolescence management surveys and reports
    • Hydraulic and electrical system modification
    • Repair, refurbishment, replacement or upgrade


Proactive management

Ageing and inefficient assets pose a risk to your operations. Although it may still be operational, failure of your equipment could lead to unplanned downtime, operator injury or environmental damage.

Proactive management of ageing equipment means that assets can be repaired, refurbished, replaced or upgraded prior to the point of failure - supporting operational continuity and negating the high costs associated with reactive measures.


Reduce long-term costs

If a part becomes obsolete, identifying and sourcing a suitable alternative adds additional time and complexity - especially damaging if responding to a need at the point of system failure. 

Through health and criticality assessment of your equipment, our experts help to proactively manage your risks of unplanned downtime caused by obsolescence. This can include the storage of replacement parts to extend the product's lfe beyond point of obsolescence. 

Adhering to the best practice guidelines set out by the International Standard for Obsolescence Management (IEC 62402), our service specialists will assess the probability of equipment obsolescence and will conduct an obsolescence impact criticality assessment to inform required actions

If a part has already been discontinued, SMS' experts are able to offer mitigation and resolution strategies for each scenario, identifying suitable substitutes, advising on technically sound upgrade options, or engineering alternative solutions using new components. 


From full system overhauls, modifications and rebuilds to simple recertification of components, SMS' services include:

  • Drawer control modules
  • Accumulator, actuator and umbilical decommissioning and disposal
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Wellhead control panels
  • Reelers / winches
  • Chemical injection skids
  • Flushing units
  • Accumulators
  • Smaller systems such as test pumps and wireline units
  • Pumps
  • Valves



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