SMS' new website and positioning: extending a new message to the global energy market

A message from Dave Howlett

9 September 2021


This week’s launch of the new SMS website is a real milestone for our company.  For years SMS has been known as a leading provider of hydraulic control systems to the UK and European oil and gas industry.  But as the sector focuses on efficiency and adopts low carbon technologies, we must adapt to this new reality. 

While we will continue to expand in the oil and gas industry, we are exploring new market opportunities by diversifying further into growth areas such as Marine and the global FPSO market, energy storage, new technologies such as hydrogen and CCUS, as well as new sectors such as industry and pharma. 

Through diversification, we will serve the needs of our clients better and as a UK supply chain business we will create valuable new opportunities with both existing and new clients. 

For this reason, we have refreshed our offer.

From this point on, I’d like SMS to be known as the hydraulic and electrical experts. 

This term will serve as our North Star.  It will guide us as the energy market transitions and as SMS rises to the challenge.

As the hydraulic and electrical experts, I would like SMS to be known for three things:

  1. The industry benchmark with best-in-class solutions and always first for technical
  2. The breadth of capability – hydraulic and electrical with a range of applications – and touchpoints across all industries with the safety credentials to match
  3. The experts – proven in the toughest oil and gas environments, which are the gold standard for inspections and maintenance

This is all underpinned by local teams working closely with our key clients across all industries with a keen focus on delivering the right solutions with the speed, flexibility, integrity, and service that has been the benchmark set by SMS over several decades.

We must not forget that SMS is a master in our industry and there is no global market in which we can’t deliver best-in-class solutions.

I would therefore like to ask present clients, and those that know our firm to support me and the business as we refocus on our core strengths and let others know who we are and what we can do for them.  With everyone’s support we can ensure that SMS does what it always has – stayed ahead of a dynamic global market.

Dave Howlett, Managing Director, SMS

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