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As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on our quality, flexibility and customer service – always striving for technical excellence: delivered. Technical excellence means using our engineering expertise to deliver the right solution: one that fulfils your operational requirements in terms of fit, form and function, whilst also meeting the commercial need to deliver the lowest total cost of acquisition.

CAD Technical excellence

Technical excellence from concept to delivery

From project inception, our engineering experts work with you to help minimise costs and improve efficiency, without ever compromising quality and operational safety.

Using the latest CAD/CAE software, our experienced design technicians bring your concepts to life in stunning detail. This enables us to visualise and test your product’s design intent with digital prototypes before committing to expensive manufacture.

Once into production, our dedicated project management team works closely with you at every stage of the journey to ensure a best-for-application and best-for-business solution is delivered efficiently, safely and on-time.

In-house quality and control

Fully integrated engineering facilities encompassing design, procurement, engineering, project management, manufacturing and testing gives us complete control over project execution and product quality from start to finish.

With all work conducted in-house, we have the agility and capability to customise any solution to meet your needs – including unique compact solutions for offshore applications. And with an intimate understanding of all types of hydraulic and electrical control systems including their key interfaces, all solutions can be modularised for ease of transportation, integration and installation with other packages on-site.

Technical excellence TUTU

Technical excellence HPU

Full lifecycle support

Upon completion, our technical experts can fully install and commission your asset to deliver a fast start-up and maximum efficiency. Furthermore, our dedicated Service team can provide 360° support to optimise performance throughout the life of your assets.

This intimately managed, full lifecycle process ensures we always deliver the quality that is synonymous with SMS.



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