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Introducing Laszlo Koszeghy, SMS's new Head of Services

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We are delighted to announce that Laszlo Koszeghy has joined the SMS team to lead our growing Services department.  Rather than us telling you about Laszlo, we thought he was best placed to introduce himself – his experiences, customer first mindset, goals for the future, and a potential kayaking adventure:


Laszlo, please can you introduce yourself and tell us about some of your experiences to date?

I am a Hungarian-American, born and raised in Chicago.  I have been working outside the US for the last 14 years, in Hungary, Norway, Scotland and now England.  I have a wife, Ursula and a ten-year-old daughter, Laura.  I have been in the Oil & Gas industry now for over 8 years, where I worked in Procurement, Offshore Operations and Mergers & Acquisitions for a Subsea OEM with a bias toward Services businesses.


What attracted you to join SMS?

I was attracted to SMS because of the ability to “get things done” quickly and effectively for customers. Having spent time in larger organisations, the ability to move the needle on simple matters, even in Services businesses, has sometimes been extremely challenging, like attempting to climb Mount Everest.  As someone that is extremely passionate about customer service, I thrive on the energy of a happy, fulfilled customer.


What are your first impressions of SMS?

SMS is a flexible organization that has Service as a key part of its DNA.  The competence of the staff is second to none.  We have folk in the office who have lived Services, both onshore and offshore.  They know the kit.  They have touched it, smelled it, yelled at it, built it and serviced it. There is a no nonsense, pragmatic approach to ensuring customer outcomes are successful and there is a bias to action, not words.  How refreshing!


Do you have a favourite area of Services? If so, why?

My favourite area of Services is offshore operations.  There is something special about having a group of folks in the middle of the ocean on a “tiny” metal structure performing seemingly risky activities and making it sound very routine. It hits home when I am at home on a Saturday in the middle of the night on the phone pulling together folks to support a customer issue offshore.  Even though I am up in the middle of the night rallying the troops, I am in my warm home office, while the guys offshore are doing the same in the cold with alarm bells pinging in their ears.


Why are effective Services so vital for operators?  

Operators need quick outcomes.  Time is money.  Delays hit the bottom line.  The key to a good Services business is to have a competent staff who know the kit inside and out, not just on a computer monitor, but in the field.  This competence, coupled with lean processes that pragmatically manage safety, quality, risk and compliance, is the special ingredient for a happy customer.  Without competency and lean processes, you can forget the quick outcomes.  This is SMS’s true edge!


What does the future hold for SMS Services?

I think SMS has a great future.  We survived the downturn in the market and have a truly sustainable business that is scalable.  With the firm backing of the Alderley Group, I think we provide a clear choice to our customers of a company that is action oriented, flexible and delivers outcomes that are above and beyond what the market is used to.  This is our time!


What is the most important thing your career has taught you?

My career has taught me to be humble.  The good days don’t last forever and during those days, you must lay the foundation for your organization to survive the lean days.  If it’s not sustainable, it’s not real.


What do you do in your free time?

Having lived in Scotland for six years, I really enjoyed hill walking with my family.  Moving down to Norfolk, I hope to take advantage of the Broads and maybe pursue kayaking.  My love is travelling to different places and experiencing different cultures.  This may be evident from me moving around so much!


Thanks for talking to us today Laszlo, and welcome to the team!


27 Jun, 2018