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Introducing Phil Adam, SMS’ New Sales Manager – Services

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We are delighted to announce that Phil Adam has joined SMS as Sales Manager - Services. Before he gets out there to start supporting our customers, Phil has taken the time to speak to us and introduce himself.

What will be your job responsibilities at SMS?

My main responsibility will be to support prospective customers in the UK including the North Sea.  SMS and Alderley have a fantastic portfolio of aftermarket services to support a wide range of process areas – it’s my job to let everyone know the benefits of using us and grow the business in this key market. 

What are your goals/ambitions for the SMS services?

My goal is to proactively support and build on long-term relationships with our existing customers; adding value to their experience whilst using my knowledge and expertise to provide them with the most effective solutions for their needs. This is also true for prospective customers within the North Sea, and it’s my job to make those introductions so everyone is aware of our capabilities and the benefits of working with SMS.

What made you choose SMS as the next step in your career?

SMS and Alderley’s reputation within the North Sea is one of the many things that attracted me. With an established reputation, quality engineers and extremely impressive equipment, I’m proud to be part of the company and selling becomes really exciting when you believe in the products and services you offer. Although SMS have proven to win many projects for leading operators, I believe the potential to do more is huge. I’m excited to get my teeth stuck in and show everyone what we can do.

Some information on previous employment?

I had over 8 great years at Swagelok Scotland where I was Group Business Development Manager and looked after a lot of the North Sea operators and EPC companies. 

During my time at Swagelok, I was heavily involved in small bore tubing and valve services, including inspection for many different markets. This is an area that SMS already have a strong offering and with my experience, it is an area where we can add even more value for our customers.

Oil & Gas is the main market I have worked in over the past 19 years, however I have also worked in other market places like Nuclear, Semiconductor, pharmaceuticals and the defence sector.

If you’re not out on the road visiting existing and prospective clients, how do you spend your free time?

My spare time is mostly taken up with my two young children, Lexie who is 8 and Archie who is 5 so they keep my active. I am also a season ticket holder for Aberdeen FC and I like to run and cycle… when I have time!

What’s the most memorable moment within your career to date?

As a sales person the most memorable moments have to be securing those big orders that you’ve been working on for a while - or it is for me anyway! And of course working for SMS-Alderley.

You have been in the industry for over 19 years – looking back, how has it changed over this time?

There’s many things that have changed in all industries over the years, but I would say the current pandemic we see ourselves in is the biggest change.  Like all change, you adapt and become stronger. And people who have that philosophy always do well.


19 Aug, 2020