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Top Reasons Why Services are Essential for the Success of your Operations in 2020 and beyond

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To kick-off the New Year, our Services Manager John Pendergast has identified his Top Reasons Why Services are Essential for the Success of your Operations in 2020 and beyond:

  1. Services ensure your operations are safe and secure

“Ageing, damaged and poorly maintained equipment is a common cause of operational shut-down, and can result in more severe consequences such as personal injury.  Effective inspection and maintenance through services helps to mitigate this risk and ensure a safe working environment for your operations.”

  1. Proactive services will save you time and money

“As with most processes in life, reactive services are more expensive than proactive services.  Scheduling your services in advance means maintenance can be planned and resourced appropriately.  In contrast, unplanned and reactive services – often driven by equipment failure – incur high cost (for example, replacement parts premium and expediting costs), and wasted resource.”

  1. Regular, planned and budgeted services will help optimise performance

“Maximising the utility of assets has attracted a lot of attention in the industry over the last couple of years – and rightly so.  Services have a critical part to play in achieving this.  Through frequent assessment and awareness of your asset’s performance, preventative and remedial actions can be introduced to optimise performance and extend the life of your equipment - maximising your return on investment.”

  1. Services ensure you meet your contractual and regulatory requirements

“Independent inspection and verification of your equipment through services is essential.  Not only does it give you the confidence that your equipment is performing safely and to its optimum – as assessed by industry experts – independent verification also gives you security through transparent and auditable documentation that demonstrates your commitment to your contractual and regulatory commitments.”

  1. Effective service providers give you peace of mind

“Effective service providers help ensure operational safety, prevent unplanned shut-down, minimise risks, reduce costs, extend life and enhance performance of your assets, and help you demonstrate commitment to regulatory requirements.  In summary, effective services equal peace of mind.”

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7 Jan, 2020